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A concrete tool for recruiting and development of human resources

The participants will get certified in using and understanding the theory of and the reports generated by Extended DISC® Behavioral Analysis. The training will help you understand different behavioral styles. You will gain the skills and knowledge on how to interpret individual reports, team reports, and other custom-made reports.

The training takes two days. Both the training and all the material is in English.


Please contact us to book the most convenient days for you.

La certificazione Extended DISC® per lo sviluppo delle risorse umane

The objectives of the training

  • Understand the theory of Extended DISC®
  • Learn how to interpret Extended DISC® reports
  • Acquire the skills to apply the Extended DISC® model to developing yourself and others
  • Gain a concrete framework and tool to support you in your work
  • Get familiar with the innumerable applications of Extended DISC®
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Who is it for?

Extended DISC® Certification Training is developed for trainers, recruiters, coaches, HR consultants, managers, and people in different positions in HR, especially if you work in an international company in English – this is the right training for you. The tool is truly multilingual, one can fill a questionnaire in a language of their choosing and the reports produced in a number of languages.

How long does is take?

The training takes 2 full days.

Contact us for the detailed program.


The benefits of using the Extended DISC® Behavioral Analysis are plentiful: more efficient leadership, less turnover of staff, more productivity by understanding the strengths of each person, a more efficient organization by improving the dynamics in teams, more efficient fact-based recruiting, better business results.

The tool is also used for example in situations of organizational change and reorganization, and for staff development and training in topics such as management, customer service, teambuilding, sales etc.

After the training the participants will have access to

  • Your personal Extended DISC® report
  • Training material and presentations, (ca 400 slides)
  • Examples of different reports
Extended DISC® offers 5 different concrete and reliable solutions, all on the same platform: Behavioral Analysis, Open 360 Management assessment, Open Survey, Reasoning assessment and Sales Competence Assessment – all assessments are customizable and therefore gives you and your company the advantage of getting results that meets your needs.

Enroll to the certification training

After the certification: Extended DISC FinxS® Training

What will I learn at the FinxS® Training?

The Extended DISC FinxS® Training is for you who already have the Extended DISC® Certification and want to become independent in using the FinxS® platform. After the training you will have the skills to administer the questionnaire, personalize and customize any kind of report, and manage each part of the process.

What does the FinxS® platform offer?

Years of experience and feedback from our clients and partners have helped us create the FinxS® platform. It is innovative, easy to use, precise, and offers the possibility to use all our tools on the same platform, separately or combined, to evaluate your company and your staff. The platform responds to the specific needs of each company.

During the training you will learn how to completely personalize a report both graphically and by content. Each report can be personalized to include all the necessary information whether you are preparing a development program for sales managers, or recruiting a project manager.

The FinxS® platform can be used on any device at any time. You only need an internet connection. It has an intuitive user interface and requires only basic IT skills.

The objective of the training is

To become independent in using the FinxS® platform.

Who is it for?

For you who already have the Extended DISC® Certification.

How long does is take?

The training takes one half-day after which we will give all the support needed for your first project.

Which methods are used?

  • Classroom (individual) or via Skype
  • Exercises with supervision
  • Support via Skype or telephone (one on one)

What happens after the complete certification?

What happens after you have obtained the complete certification of total two and a half days? We will always support you! Not only during the training but also after. When you are ready to start your first DISC project – please contact us, should you feel a need for support in any part of the process. Do you feel unsure on how to give your first feedback? Are you modifying a report and can’t remember how to make a particular change? Do you have a general question about anything connected to the platform or DISC? Feel free to contact us and ask for consultancy – consider this an extension to the training.

We also want to keep your knowledge of DISC up to date. You are now a certified user of Extended DISC®. It is a personal achievement and will be a part of your future professional path.

Our final objective is to prepare you for independently performing a session or a recruiting, using the tool confidently and successfully in your job.

After the FinxS® training you will have access to

  • The FinxS® platform with your own username and password
  • The training material and a quick start guide
  • Many different report examples to aid you in designing your own

Before the training a user account will be opened for you. At that moment it is compulsory to buy at least a minimum package of credits to use in the platform.

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