Extended DISC® Certification Training in English


Are you looking for an advanced behavioral analysis tool that you can use across large organizations that span many countries and languages? Do you need the relevant training material in English? This training provides you with all that.

When following the complete two-and-a-half-day training, the participants will get certified in utilizing and understanding the theory of and the reports generated by Extended DISC® Behavioral Analysis. The training will equip you with a solid framework to understanding different behavioral styles. You will gain the skills and knowledge on how to interpret individual reports, team reports, and other custom-made reports.

You will also have access to your own user credentials for the FinxS® platform, which enable you to completely independently administer questionnaires, develop and customize reports according to your specific needs.

Contact us and let’s book the days most convenient for you.

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Partecipa al corso di Certificazione Extended DISC® 

L’Extended DISC® formazione di Certificazione è progettato per coach, trainer, responsabile del recruiting, responsabile HR, CEO e consulenti e manager.

Il training vi consentirà di capire i diversi stili di comportamento, acquisire le nozioni necessarie per l’interpretazione dei report individuali, di gruppo e di altri report personalizzati.

Il training si svolge in due giorni.

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