Coaching and Profile Analysis - Inspirational book from the Director of Operations of Extended DISC® Brazil


Ana Valèria de Barros Gounaris who is the Director of Operations for Extended DISC® Brazil
has written this very inspirational book: “Coaching and Profile Analysis. Knowing Yourself and Achieving Results”, working together with 24 highly skilled people from different Brazilian companies sharing their experience and knowledge about Coaching & Talent management and the use of Extended DISC® Behavioral Analysis.

Here a brief introduction:

Preface written by Jukka Sappinen, CEO and Founder of Extended DISC®, this is a pioneer book that presents 21 chapters full of diversity and treasure of achievements written by high level co-authors, who share their experience in Coaching & Talent Development and Profile Analysis, through the report of case studies, techniques and strategies used by managers and consultants of organizations, career coaches and vocational counselors, coming from the five different regions of Brazil.

”Coaching & Profile Analysis” emphasizes that in leadership and people management or machinery management, it is essential to understand how they work and, informs that one important difference that managers forget is that unlike machines, each human being is unique, as are their values, experience, knowledge, expectations, motivation, skills, physical and mental condition, as well as their behavioral preferences form a unique combination that no other person has. The book tells that you should not treat people in the same way, expecting the same outcome, so you cannot lead people without understand them.

The book can be bought via Amazon in English or in Brazilian Portuguese language.

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